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Winter Water Fitness


Water is a great method of exercise. As Winter gets well and truely underway, braving the elements of outdoors gets harder and harder as the short evenings come in. But remember there is still loads you can do to keep fit in the water, obviously swimming, but also water rehabilitation, aqua aerobics and not to mention joining scuba diving and canoe clubs you can join and all can be done in a pool environment so you don’t have to brave the cold autumn temperatures.

Swimming is a form of exercise that can be both relaxing and vigorous all in one. It’s a great way to keep cardio vascular fitness up and the joy of it all is it is adaptable for all ages. Swimming is a low impact exercise, keeps you fit, keeps you toned, helps to keep weight off and also rehabilitate after injury. The beauty of swimming in Ireland is the indoor aspect, you can swim all year round, it is not weather permitting. It is also a great activity to do with family.

The lack of impact in the water is great for those with sore joints and is highly recommended for those with arthritis. Swimming is a great calorie burner too, with added bonus of sauna and steam room treatments if your local leisure canter has them. Here in Waterford, Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club offers both sauna, and steam room facilities, but also a fantastic hydrotherapy pool with jets to help you loosen out after your swim or workout.
It’s also a great place to bring the family, with a shallow kiddies pool, to get the younger kids used to the water. With childhood obesity on the rise in Ireland it is so important to keep the kids active, and you get your workout in too.

Not a swimmer?? You have many options, if you want to start swimming there are lots of adult lessons taking place in Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club and also highly qualifies swim teachers to get you started in the water.

There is also a fantastic Aqua Aerobics class that goes on several days during the week and is a very busy and very popular class and a tough but enjoyable workout for all ages and genders.

Aqua aerobics is a low impact class, using the water as resistance to help fitness, weight loss and muscle tone and muscle definition. Exercising can be performed to music or without and it is carefully guided by a qualified instructor. There is also a great social side to the classes run in Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club so it ticks all the boxes. See Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club class timetable for times and prices and get yourself into the water this week.

author: kingfisherclub