Barry O'Connor




FITNESS instructor and personal trainer Barry O’Connor likes to inject some fun into his fitness and exercise classes at Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club. Barry, who has 10 years’ experience working in the fitness industry, holds a wide range of classes including spinning, kettlebells, T-Rex, circuits, Pilates and body sculpt and tone.

“Fitness and exercise classes don’t have to be intimidating to work. I like to have a relaxed atmosphere in my classes where the members can have a laugh while pushing themselves”

The easy going fitness instructor is of the belief that there is no need to have a serious attitude when it comes to exercise. Neither does he believe in screaming at people to get results. Instead he adopts an approach where he makes the classes enjoyable for those who attend. “They get the workout that they need, while also enjoying it. That is the key to ensure they come back again and again,” Barry said.

There are many advantages of joining Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club, with one of the main being the social experience. According to Barry members get to meet new people and get to know them as the classes’ progress. Some come alone, while others chose to come with friends, but over all there is a friendships developed in the relaxed atmosphere of the classes. “Don’t get me wrong they still have to do their burpees and weights, but if they don’t feel like they are enjoying themselves they won’t come back,” he added.

A huge variety of fitness levels and ages attend Barry’s classes with the youngest aged 16 and the oldest aged 70.

All his classes can be adapted to suit each person’s fitness level and needs. “It is important to listen to your own body. I don’t believe in pushing people to the point of injury, but it is important to push personal boundaries,” he said. In conclusion Barry said people can be guaranteed to enjoy his classes, whilst also reaching their fitness goals.