Jacqui Watson




JACQUI Watson started off her career in the fitness industry 10 years ago with Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club when she was still in college studying a degree in BSB in Recreation and Leisure Management.

She always had a love of sport and fitness, which began during her time playing for Benfica women’s soccer club under 16s. After spending four years in college she became a fitness instructor and worked in a number of gyms before continuing her career at Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club.

Now the class instructor, who is also a qualified NCF tutor, holds a number of classes in the Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club each week including step and tone and spinning. Jacqui, who is a weekly columnist with the Waterford News & Star, said the classes are all about, “Motivating people to get fit in a controlled and safe atmosphere.”

The classes, which are for men and women of all ages, are a fun and easy way to reach fitness goals, which each lasting 45 minutes to one hour. The step and tone classes can attract anything up 50 people a class, while the spinning classes remain a firm favourite with members. Jacqui said these type of classes are more popular than ever, even though the phenomenon is not new, with beginnings in the 80s and 90s. She added they are a fantastic way to improve cardio and body conditioning that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Since her return to Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club Jacqui has seen the range of classes and the variety of people taking part increase. The ages of those taking part now range from 16 to 75-years-old.

“The classes literally cater for everyone. There is a great atmosphere here at Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club once 5pm hits and the classes start. The vibe is really friendly and energetic. A lot of friendships are formed in the classes as members get to know each other”

Unlike other fitness classes members of Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club are given constant guidance through the different stages of fitness, which means they don’t lose motivation and will reach their fitness goals.