Joey O'Brien




DUTY Manager of Joey O’Brien said he does not know of any other gym in Waterford that offers such a comprehensive offering as Kingfisher Health and Fitness Centre.
Mr O’Brien, who is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer with Kingfisher for a number of years, said the health and fitness centre offers a wide range of fitness classes to suit all ages and fitness levels.

“A complete beginner could walk in and the instructor would look after them, so could someone who is really advanced and doing classes for years. They will get the same from the class.”

Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club offers the widest range of classes from aqua aerobics, weights classes, spinning, boot camp, body tone, body pump, step and tone to many more.
“The aqua aerobics class is one of the most popular classes. We also hold active retirement classes, which are also in huge demand. Over all we offer a complete range of classes to suit every age group and fitness level,” he said.

Furthermore, the state-of-the-art facilities are used by a number of groups including the FAI, Special Olympics and local GAA, soccer and athletics clubs. “Our customers come back because they get the service that they want,” he explained. Joey said there is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club. “It is a job, but all of the staff enjoy coming in every day. That comes across in the classes and people pick up on that,” he added. All of the staff are highly qualified with the majority holding degrees and relevant NCEF qualifications. The Duty Manager said it is up to the fitness instructor to get people in the classes motivated.

“The staff live for fitness and no matter what class they do that comes across. If you are motivated and happy people are going to feed off your vibe.”

A lot of Kingfisher’s members have been there since it opened in 2008. Joey added, “It just shows that they are happy with the service that they keep coming back every year.” According to the duty manager Kingfisher Health and Fitness is the only facility in Waterford to have so many amenities under one roof. “Anything that you want you can find here. Our customers also have the benefit of having classes outdoors in the summer time. In some places you are stuck in a little studio, whereas here you are not. It is great to have the option to use our astro turf pitches or the Kilbarry Nature Park for classes,” he said.

Not only that the walk way in the Nature Park is a considerable benefit for those training for triathlons. “We have it all. They can go for their run in the park and come here to swim or train in the gym. The Jacuzzi facility is also great for runners because it helps the muscles recover,” he said. In conclusion he said everyone’s needs, great or small, can be catered for at Kingfisher Health and Fitness.