Mags Murphy




PILATES should be an essential part of everybody’s weekly routine according to one of Kingfisher Health and Fitness Club’s fitness instructors. Mags Murphy, who has worked with Kingfisher for the past six years, is passionate about the Pilates.

“It is a very engaging form of exercise. It’s about learning about your body by connecting your mind with your body”

A low impact class, Pilates focuses on working our powerhouses, also known as our core. Targeting to improve posture, this class will helps to strengthen and tighten the torso. Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the whole body. It focuses on alignment, breathing, and improving coordination and balance.

“Using a variety of stretches, poses and co-ordinated movements it is a great way of de-stressing the mind, while also strengthening your back and your core. It is a must for everyone”

Mags also teaches strength and conditioning classes for all levels and provides high intensity training. However, when it comes to training she said, “It should be quality over quantity.” One of her busiest classes at Kingfisher Health and Fitness is aqua aerobics. “It is one of the most popular classes for all ages. It is a fantastic and safe way to build fitness and strength. It is also great for toning and cardio fitness,” she explained.

While similar to regular aerobics, focusing on cardiac training, water aerobics differs in that it adds to the mix water resistance and buoyancy. Although heart rate does not increase as much as in regular aerobics, the heart is working just as hard and underwater exercise actually pumps more blood to the heart.

Mags said such is the popularity of the aqua aerobics classes that ages of those in attendance can range from anything from 20 to 80-years-of-age. She said it is an exercise that everyone can get involved in and thoroughly enjoy.

Along with the classes Mags provides she said there is a huge variety of other classes to choose from at Kingfisher that cater for everyone’s needs.